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Termite Control: Transfer Effect Versus Domino Effect

Why is Termidor Better than Premise?

Termite Control, Subterranean Termites swarm and fly every spring to reproduce and spread according to celebrated Entomologist Gregg Henderson. Dr. Henderson PhD is a leading expert in the area of Entomology and regularly contributes both to publications and talking engagements at market conferences as you can see from exactly how frequently his name is on the schedule in the link to the 2014 National Conference on Urban Entomology. Entomology is the study of bugs and insects in general, but Dr. Henderson has become an extremely quotable image in the industry particularly with termites. He recently led a research on the Transfer Effect versus the Domino Effect.

The “transfer effect” is the industry favorite and the reason for the study. It is the result that originates from the use of the termiticide Termidor. The “domino effect” of a termiticide, referred to as Premise, is a very similar pesticide for killing termites. Nonetheless, as Dr. Henderson and his peers noted, more pest control companies like Termidor over Premise despite it being a much older termiticide. The researchers would like to know why the market didn’t change over to Premise. From previous studies, they knew that Termidor was more reliable. However they wished to understand why it was moved by termites more frequently than Premise, resulting in even more deaths.

Both types of termiticide are liquid-based sprays that are intended to excite the termites’ nerves and afterwards trigger the termite to die of over-excitation. It’s kind of like providing the termites crack. They then spread the love around the nest and more termites are affected by the poisonous substance. Both are basically odorless and undetectable to the termite. So the termite gets the poison and spreads it to its buddies back at the nest. Thus, the names “Transfer Effect” and “Domino Effect.” Though both types of termiticide work with the same physiological pathway, it had previously been found out that Termidor did spread around the colony more and eliminate a considerably bigger portion of the nest.

Termite ControlBut why? Premise works too quickly. According to the research study, within 9 hours of exposure, the initially affected termites stop moving around and begin “resting.” Their antennae will begin to sag and they stop communicating, and they dig less. Simply put, they start to look sick. Since they look sick, the remainder of the colony avoids them. As a result, the “domino effect” does not happen to very many in the nest.

Termite Control, on the other hand, showed more thrilled termite workers; they are moving more, digging more, and connecting normally. Simply put, these guys appear like they’re not just healthy workers, they’re the “life of the party” workers. They appear to have the most energy. This makes it easy for them to basically make friends and influence other termites. Then, after spreading Termidor around the colony, the initially-infected termites go from hyper to dead. So yes, Termidor is much better than Premise. See the full scientific article to review more: Transfer Effect versus Domino Effect.

Dr. Henderson concludes the article with a final thought. These termiticides work best when positioned as near to the nest as possible; near the identified termite traffic locations. Certified Termidor Technicians at Magic Pest Control can provide a cost-free termite inspection and make certain that, if there are signs of a termite colony, Termidor is being placed appropriately.