The reasons for exercise not offering weight loss


These are some reasons for exercise not offering weight loss


It is a well known fact that diet and exercise goes hand in hand when it comes to success in weight loss efforts. However, modern researchers are not entirely convinced that exercises alone can guarantee weight loss. Diet Exercise Plans are meant to burn calories and when you burn more calories than what you eat, you are going to lose weight. At the same time, even if you did perform a wide range of intense exercises, there is no guarantee that you will be able to lose substantial weight unless you change your eating habits or make changes to your daily diet. Exercises will have a positive impact on the body weight when it is in sync with a well-balanced low calorie diet.
Reasons why exercises may not help you lose weight:
Overestimating the workout:
One of the most common reasons why exercises may not always guarantee weight loss is when you tend to overestimate the power of your workouts. You may think that it is fine to overeat or indulge in high calorie foods simply because you have worked out at the gym in the morning. Or you may feel that you can burn the extra calories if you work out for a slightly longer time the following day. The trouble is that in most cases, we tend to miscalculate the number of calories we have actually burned and end up eating more than required.
Dependence on exercises alone:
You have to understand that workouts alone cannot guarantee weight loss. Exercises will undoubtedly burn calories but it takes perhaps an hour of intense workout to burn only about 500 calories. In contrast, eating those 500 calories can be possible in a matter of minutes. So unless you consciously watch what you eat and change your diet accordingly, you will not lose weight. You have to remember to eat fewer calories and burn more calories to shed the extra weight.
Eating right foods:
Very often, we eat the wrong kinds of foods and wonder why we are not losing weight as expected. No one is willing to admit that his diet may be faulty. You need to learn about the foods that can actually contribute to weight loss and make a conscious effort to include them in your daily diet. You need to track your meals and ensure that you are indeed taking in fewer calories than before.
If you are serious about weight loss and unsure about the low calorie foods, you can sign up with diet services like Nutrisystem. Their diet meals are nutritionally balanced and low calorific. Along with their 5 meals a day recommendation, they also highly emphasize taking fresh vegetables and fruits that generally offer less calories.
Performing wrong workouts:
Another common cause for exercises not offering weight loss is when you perform faulty workouts. People are likely to give you different kinds of advices for weight loss; while some will recommend strength training, others will cast their vote in favor of cardio. You have to understand that both are equally essential for burning calories and relying on any one may be a wrong decision.
To see results, you have to be consistent in your efforts. Many people opt for weight loss programs and fitness regimens but they are unable to stick to their goals. Complacency tends to set in if you are not careful. It is quite easy to fall off the wagon if you are careless and inconsistent. While there are many ways to lose weight, you have to realize that depending on any one likeĀ Diet Exercise Plan for weight loss may not be enough. You have to follow a healthy lifestyle and a low-calorie nutritious diet to succeed in your weight loss efforts.

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