The New ‘Vampire Academy’ Trailer Is a Bloodsucking Good Time (VIDEO)

Even though the “Twilight” franchise has been staked (for now at least) and “True Blood” is facing its final season before taking that last long, ashy walk into the sun, Hollywood is looking for its next vampire smash, and they might have found it in the forthcoming “Vampire Academy,” if the just-released trailer (courtesy of Yahoo Movies) is any indication. While vampire movies are always an iffy proposition, this one looks like it definitely won’t suck.

The tone of the movie is established early on, both as a young human girl (Zoey Deutch) offers up her neck to her vampire BFF (Lucy Fry), and by the giant title card that announces the film as from “the director of ‘Mean Girls.'” Oh, okay. So it’s that kind of vampire movie.

Based on the trailer, and honestly things aren’t completely clear from the clip, it seems to be centered around that friendship between the human girl, who is sworn to protect the vampires, and the vampire themselves. Both species attend the titular school, which allows for a lot of catty sniping, and of course there’s some kind of bigger threat that will undoubtedly place both humans and vampires in harm’s way.

In short, it just looks like a lot of fun. When a character says, “Let’s make tonight our bitch” while a jangly M.I.A. song plays, it’s kind of hard not to get excited. Plus, people like Gabriel Byrne and Olga Kurylenko round out the cast, which adds to the excitement factor. Plus Daniel Waters, director Mark’s brother and screenwriter of “Batman Returns” and “Heathers,” wrote the screenplay, which is perfect.

“Vampire Academy” opens on Valentine’s Day. Take someone you wouldn’t mind staking through the heart should they turn into an immortal creature of the damned.

from The Moviefone Blog


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