Robert De Niro & Martin Scorsese Still Plan to Do Another Gangster Movie

robert de niro martin scorsese

Robert De Niro + Martin Scorsese + gangsters = Cinema gold.

The actor and director were frequent collaborators in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, and many of their films are cited among the greatest of all time. That includes the gangster movies they made together — “Mean Streets,” “Goodfellas,” and “Casino.”

There’ve been rumbling in the last few years that De Niro and Scorsese intended to team up again for “The Irishman,” about a Teamster boss/hitman who has ties to JFK and Jimmy Hoffa. The project hasn’t moved forward much, but De Niro assures fans that it’s happening … someday.

“I have another gangster film I’m gonna do with Scorsese and it’s a very interesting one.” he said at a London press conference for his newest movie, “The Family.”

“We’re preparing it. We have a script and Marty has another film he’s doing before so it won’t be for a while.”

Scorsese recently wrapped up “The Wolf of Wall Street,” finishing that film just under the wire for a Christmas release. Next, the director travels to 17th-century Japan for “Silence,” about Jesuit priests who face persecution while evangelizing in that country.

Meanwhile, De Niro will be busy himself, filming the boxing drama “Hands of Stone” and then the crime thriller “Candy Store.”

from The Moviefone Blog


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