The Latest ‘Sandman’ Movie Rumor Includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt

sandman movie joseph gordon levitt

Comic-book movie adaptations are Hollywood’s bread and butter these days, and studios are scrambling to find the next big franchise. And for Warner Bros., that just might be “The Sandman.”

We’re taking this rumor with many grains of salt, but Badass Digest (via Slashfilm) claims that inside sources tell them that David Goyer, the screenwriter behind “Dark Knight” and “Man of Steel,” is pitching a take on the Neil Gaiman comics. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt may be involved in some capacity. Badass Digest says that Warner Bros. “has been very receptive” to the idea.

What’s unclear, though, is what JGL’s involvement would be. Would he star as the lead, Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams? Or, as the site muses, could he perhaps be eyed as a director candidate? Gordon-Levitt made his directorial debut this year with “Don Jon.”

There have been previous attempts to adapt “Sandman” for the big screen. Roger Avary was once attached to a film project in the ’90s, but since then, a movie version of “Sandman” has been in development hell.

As both Badass Digest and Slashfilm note, “Sandman” lends itself more to television and Warner Bros. Television has tried in recent years to make it happen. James Mangold pitched a series to HBO, which never came to pass, and in 2011, “Supernatural” creator Eric Kripke’s take on the adaptation was turned down by Gaiman.

If Goyer’s pitch gets approved by all parties, the Dreaming can begin at long last.

from The Moviefone Blog


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