‘Saving Mr. Banks’ Preview: It Was Always Tom Hanks (EXCLUSIVE)

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When it came time to tell the story behind of the making of “Mary Poppins,” there was only one man fit to wear Walt Disney’s trademark suit and ‘stache: Tom Hanks.

In this exclusive featurette, director John Lee Hancock explains that, when it came time to cast Mr. Disney, Hanks was really the only actor alive today who could fill Walt’s shoes. “There was really only one person that all of us could think of and that would be Tom,” Hancock states, referring to Hanks as “an icon playing an icon.”

But it’s more than just Hanks acting like Walt Disney, it’s Tom Hanks being Walt Disney. As Hancock illustrates, “It’s amazing, the way he walks, the body position, the way he holds his hands, the way he touches his mustache, how he phrases things and let’s sentences roll off the end.”

“It’s difficult to imagine anyone but Tom playing Walt Disney,” adds Emma Thompson, Hanks’s co-star, who plays obstinate “Mary Poppins” author P.L. Travers. “He’s just so perfect.”

With two Oscars under his belt, it should come as no surprise that Hanks has the chops to embody one of film and television’s most prominent figures. But could playing Disney win the actor a third golden statuette? We’ll see come March.

Watch Hanks explain his take on Disney in the video above, then see him in “Saving Mr. Banks” when it opens December 13.

from The Moviefone Blog http://news.moviefone.com/2013/11/19/saving-mr-banks-preview/


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