David O. Russell Wrote a Horror Movie and Eli Roth Wants to Make It

david o. russell eli roth horror movie

Director David O. Russell is enjoying a career high, thanks to the critical and commercial success of films like “The Fighter” and “Silver Linings Playbook,” dabbling in different genres and building up an eclectic filmography. But would he ever try horror? According to Russell, he already has — and knows just who he’s going to collaborate with.

In a roundtable interview with The Hollywood Reporter alongside fellow directors Alfonso Cuaron, Ben Stiller, Paul Greengrass, Steve McQueen, and Lee Daniels, Russell revealed that during a lull in his career, he wrote several screenplays to make ends meet — including a surprising departure for the cerebral director.

“I wrote a couple of things that someone [else] might make,” Russell said. “Eli Roth may actually do one, I wrote a horror a few years ago.”

The director went on to explain, “I had to write to support myself,” with one project turning out to be a horror script for producer Colleen Camp. Though it’s unclear how he hooked up with Roth, Russell said the horror writer/director was already attached to the project, and he was excited to work with him.

Details, of course, were scarce.

“Eli thinks its interesting, I think he’s going to make it more interesting,” Russell said of the film. “It’s emotional, it’s also … we’ll see. It’s also … I don’t wanna say anything more, I’ll let Eli talk about it.”

Color us intrigued.

Russell’s latest movie, “American Hustle,” is due out December 13. Roth’s new movie, cannibal flick “The Green Inferno,” is still awaiting an official release date.

[via The Hollywood Reporter, h/t SlashFilm]

from The Moviefone Blog http://news.moviefone.com/2013/11/18/david-o-russell-horror-movie-eli-roth/


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