Adam Driver Denies ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Nightwing Rumors

Adam Driver Batman vs Superman nightwing

Last week, rumors began circulating that Adam Driver, who stars in the upcoming Coen Brothers joint “Inside Llewyn Davis” and is most well-known from his regular role on HBO’s hit series “Girls,” was being sought for the role of Nightwing in Warner Bros’ upcoming “Man of Steel” sequel, which will probably be called “Batman vs. Superman.” It seemed like a bold choice and a really good one, too; for all his gawky awkwardness, Driver is physically imposing and could fill out the suit well. Sadly, it seems to not be the case.

While talking with Mike Ryan at the Huffington Post, Driver confirmed that there’s “no truth” to the rumor. “I don’t know whoever put it on there,” Driver told HuffPo. “I don’t know how these things get [started] — I don’t know how it first came about.”

The latest “Batman vs. Superman” movies have an old, retired Batman estranged from Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, who once upon a time identified himself as Batman’s loyal sidekick Robin. Of course, something happens that sees Batman having to fight Superman, who is once again set to be played by Henry Cavill, star of this year’s “Man of Steel.” What could set them off? Something very big, presumably. Director Zack Snyder, another holdover from “Man of Steel,” recently confirmed Lex Luthor as one of the villains of the piece, so some classic Luthor scheming is probably in play.

While the search for Nightwing continues, should he actually be in the movie (Warner Bros is keeping the plot details tightly under wraps), you can take Driver out of the pool, sadly.

[via the Huffington Post]

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