‘A Christmas Story’ Cast: Where Are They Now? (PHOTOS)

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story” hit movie theaters on November 18, 1983 and the holiday would never be the same.

Now, we can’t help but think of being “double-dog dared,” leg lamps, and, of course, a Red Ryder BB gun. The period movie wasn’t a hit when it was released, but has became a holiday favorite over the years, even being run in a 24-hour marathon at Christmas time on TBS. It yielded a lesser-seen sequel in 1994, “It Runs in the Family,” which recast all the major roles.

In 2012, the film received two honors: Being selected for preservation by the Library of Congress and opening on Broadway as a hit musical. “A Christmas Story: The Musical” received three Tony Award nominations and is returning to the stage this year in Boston, New York’s Madison Square Garden and Hartford, Connecticut.

Last month, the town of Hammond, Indiana (where the film is set) unveiled a statue of the immortal “tongue stuck to the pole” scene, and yes, the actor who played Flick, Scott Schwartz, was there and declared it “pretty awesome.” He revealed how the trick was done, saying: “It was a plastic pole with a suction cup. They put a little hole in it and it was like a vacuum cleaner when you think about it. Suuuuuuck! Same thing just smaller.”

So, where is the cast of this classic now? Some are no longer acting and some are no longer with us, while others continue to pay tribute to this little gem they made 30 years ago.

from The Moviefone Blog http://news.moviefone.com/2013/11/18/a-christmas-story-cast-where-are-they-now-photos/


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