Saoirse Ronan on ‘How I Live Now,’ Masking Her Accent, and Playing an American (Again) (VIDEO)

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We’ve watched Saoirse Ronan grow up right before our eyes, from a young girl in “Atonement” to her latest role as Daisy in the apocalyptic “How I Live Now.”

In “How I Live Now,” Daisy begrudgingly takes a vacation in the English countryside with her family, only to discover a boy (British actor George MacKay) who piques her interest. The two teenagers develop a strong connection, only to face the impending doom of nuclear war, which happens to befall them the next day.

Both touching and a visual feast, “How I Live Now” is a romantic drama for the young-adult audience. Moviefone Canada spoke with Ronan during the Toronto Film Festival, where she chatted with us about playing an American (again), masking her accent (again), and how she deals with her depiction online — apparently there’s a website about her feet?

“How I Live Now” opens in theatres on November 15.

(Watch the video interview, above.)

from The Moviefone Blog


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