Paul Feig is Developing ‘The Heat’ Spinoff with Beth and Gina Characters

The Heat - UK Gala Screening

“The Heat” was one of the hottest comedies of the year, so it’s no surprise that director Paul Feig is looking to turn the dial up on a follow-up.

Deadline reports that Feig is developing a spin-off based on the characters played by Jamie Denbo and Jessica Chaffin.

In “The Heat,” the two played members of the trashy extended family of Melissa McCarthy‘s cop character. Beth (Denbo) and Gina (Chaffin) speak with a heavy Boston accent, so when they grilled Sandra Bullock, they asked her if she was a “naahhhc” (narc). Though the roles were very small, Denbo and Chaffin proved to be hilarious scene stealers.

“Jamie and Jessica are two of the funniest people on this planet,” Feig told Deadline. “They took small roles in ‘The Heat’ and turned them into characters worthy of their own movie. I can’t wait to unleash Beth and Gina on the world. Run for your lives.”

As for a sequel to “The Heat,” don’t hold your breath. Bullock has already said she won’t do it.

[via Deadline]

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