George MacKay on ‘How I Live Now,’ Handling Birds of Prey and Becoming a Heartthrob (VIDEO)

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Young British actor George MacKay certainly has his head on straight.

At 21 years of age, MacKay seems wise beyond his years. He’s been acting since he was a child, so the “biz” is as much a home to him as anywhere else. His latest role as Isaac in the apocalyptic film “How I Live Now” has him co-starring with Saoirse Ronan, one of the biggest young-adult stars right now.

When Ronan’s character Daisy goes on vacation in the British countryside, she meets Isaac and they fall quickly in love. Then nuclear war breaks out all around them, and they’re forced to survive in any way possible. Moviefone Canada spoke with MacKay at the Toronto Film Festival, where we had a lively chat about apocalypse and war, handling birds of prey, and what he would ever do if he became an international heartthrob.

(Watch video, above.)

“How I Live Now” opens in theatres on November 15.

from The Moviefone Blog


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