George Clooney Has a Very Good Reason for Avoiding Twitter

george clooney drunk tweet

George Clooney may come off as a grump when he says he doesn’t approve of Twitter, but as the actor elaborates in an interview with Esquire, he avoids the social media site for his own good.

Clooney told the magazine that he didn’t understand why someone famous would join Twitter, since it only draws more attention to celebrities already in the spotlight. But there’s another downfall, he explained.

“So one drunken night, you come home and you’ve had two too many drinks and you’re watching TV and somebody pisses you off, and you go ‘Ehhhhh’ and fight back,” Clooney said. He continued:

And you go to sleep, and you wake up in the morning and your career is over. Or you’re an a–hole. Or all the things you might think in the quiet of your drunken evening are suddenly blasted around the entire world before you wake up. I mean, when you see, like, Ashton Kutcher coming out going, you know, ‘Everybody leave Joe Paterno alone,’ or whatever he said, you just go, ‘Fifteen minutes longer and a thought process and probably you wouldn’t have done that.’

Clooney is notorious for avoiding too much engagement with technology — he told Esquire he doesn’t allow people to use their phones when dining at his Italian villa — but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t used it for pranking his fellow actors every now and then. He once printed stationery monogrammed with Brad Pitt‘s name and sent letters to Meryl Streep and Don Cheadle pretending to be Pitt; another time, he took goofy selfies with Bill Murray’s phone for Murray to discover later.

Joining Twitter would offer Clooney another outlet for pranking his fellow actors, though wanting to protect himself from shameful drunk tweets seems like a sound enough reason for avoiding the social media site. Still, we can’t help but think that even drunk, Clooney would still come off as clever and charming. Here’s hoping that after a couple cocktails he changes his mind.

[via Esquire, h/t Vanity Fair]

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